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Golden Goose theory cooked

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There is nothing in Mr. Ferrel’s Golden Goose article that makes any sense.
I will reserve my comments to his East/West polarizing statements with some statistics from Stats Canada that only go as far as 2009.
Federal Government Tax Revenue from all 20 tax sources was $633,672 million. 
Federal personal income tax accounted for $189,222 million.
Corporate federal income tax was $50,277 million. Federal revenues collected from Saskatchewan were $7,074 million. From Alberta $35,990 million. From Ontario $85,256 million. From Quebec $39,677 million.
Yes it is now 2014 and the latest stats are not available to my knowledge, but there will be some changes no doubt with Alberta and Saskatchewan paying  more, but not near Ontario’s contribution. 
Does it look to you like Corporations are paying their fair share? 
Which province pays by far the most personal income tax to the federal government? 
William Gibbs, Swift Current

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