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Rebuttal to pro-Harper support

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This is in regard to a letter published in the Aug. 20 Lethbridge Herald re: alternative for Harper.
I will attempt to deal with the letter point by point starting with the comment Stephen Harper is responsible for the “health” of Canada.
Firstly, he is not responsible for our “health.” The previous Liberal government is responsible for our so-called “health.” The Liberal government left office with no deficit for Canadians.
They had laws in place that protected Canadians from unscrupulous banks from over-lending mortgages to those who could not possibly pay them, as what happened in America in the Bush administration. That was the 2008 monetary meltdown that happened in most of the countries of the world. He has led no other countries out of recession.
Secondly, President Obama solidly supports Israel; he does not support Hamas.
Thirdly, Justin Trudeau supports “pro-choice” which means:
• Choice to have your child with added government support = welfare;
• Choice to have your child adopted;
• Choice to have your child fostered, as many choose to do;
• Choice to abort the fetus if a woman feels it is the best thing for her own body.
Fourthly, you say Justin Trudeau campaigns at mosques. If he does, that is a good strategy. As you know, most Muslims are good contributing members of our society, as are Buddhists, atheists, Jews, Christians and other religions, too many to mention.
He is pro-Quebec, you say; I say he is pro- all of Canada’s provinces.
I hope my rebuttal to the inflammatory letter to the editor of Aug. 20 makes some sense to you.
Janet M. Carriere

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