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Letter writer finds choice of play very disrespectful

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While I was having breakfast at a local establishment I happened to notice a pamphlet on the table advertising the Chautauqua plays coming to the Lyric Theatre. 
One of these plays is called God is a Scottish Drag Queen, a highly-acclaimed wicked comedic show, featuring everyone’s favourite deity.
The June 5 edition of the Southwest Booster went on to say that, “Kicking off the festival this year we have this critically-acclaimed comedy in which a middle-aged Scottish matron tells humanity exactly how we’re doing so far.”
It also said, “Each year the line up (of plays) reflects the diversity of live theatre, and we try to ensure there’ll  be something there for everyone.”
I’m wondering, who this particular play would possibly be there for?
Not the Scottish (who are being associated with drag queens); not the drag queens (who are being associated with the Scottish); not the “deities” (who each thought they were everyone’s favourite already); not comedy critics (who don’t think this material should be rated as “comedic”); not “everyone “(who don’t like people assuming who their favourite deity is); not middle-aged women (who don’t consider themselves matronly); not matrons (who don’t consider themselves middle-aged); not “humanity” (who doesn’t generally like being told “how they're doing”). 
And certainly not God or people who know him as their Heavenly Father, Lord Master, Creator, Provider, Sustainer, etc. I am so sorry that we have sunk so low and debased ourselves so much that we have to stoop to “dragging” God’s name through the mud, laughing at God, scorning God, making jokes at God’s expense, and basically crucifying God with our tongues, all in the name of entertainment.
Galatians 6:7: “Do not be deceived. God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” (Everyone’s favourite deity’s favourite book).
God is not laughing, but weeping.
I think I already know “how we’re doing so far!”
Barbara Mirau, Swift Current

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