Wednesday, 28 May 2014 14:26

Politicians not seeing farmers’ struggles

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Cognitive dissonance? One meaning is: to ignore or deny any information that conflicts with existing beliefs. If the Canadian Wheat Board Alliance is right, cognitive dissonance might reach epidemic proportions before the next federal election.
According to the Alliance, last February with wheat priced $11.38/bu at Vancouver; producers received $4.69/bu or 41% of the selling price.  Under single-desk, with wheat priced $10.61/bu at Vancouver; producers received $9.99/bu or 94% of the selling price.
Now I don’t care one little bit if MP David Anderson and MP Gerry Ritz suffer from a bad bout of cognitive dissonance, but I feel compassion for those hard-working producers who supported “market freedom” because of Conservative lies.
It is possible to get the single-desk back and the first step is making sure the likes of Anderson and Ritz are not around after the next election.
If a 50 per cent drop in the farmer’s share of the selling price won’t do it, nothing will.
Bev Currie, Swift Current

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