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Garbage and compost is a big problem in Brooks

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I am a landlord of several homes and this new system of garbage removal is a nightmare. 
Taxpayers of  Brooks attempted to convey their wishes to the City. 
They disregarded our concerns. It was a done deal before the residents could voice their opinions, similar to what happened when the chloramines were dumped in our water.
The City of Brooks has welcomed large groups of people into our community who don’t understand, don’t read, or expect us to do the work. Add that onto our own people who don’t care and you have chaos.  That’s what we have now.  If you think those people are going to come around, you’re dreaming. 
The problems with the new system are now compounded by the lack of adequate space to remove the garbage and compost being generated.
It would have been easier to deal with the problems when we had big dumpsters.  Now there are more issues. 
Unsightly roll-outs  all over the city.  At one of our rentals, one dumpster and one compost bin served seven households.  Now there are fourteen roll-outs . 
Is that efficient?  And.... when some residents have more or less, the old system accommodated everyone.  Now...  residents are struggling.
The City has not considered businesses.  Their bins are over-flowing.  Where there are roll-outs and dumpster together, people choose to use the dumpsters.  Roll-outs are tipped over in the alleys and not used. 
Residents are fighting over bins - our tenants.  There’s nowhere to put the excess grass and leaves.  Some residents don’t have a vehicle.  Does everyone need a truck to haul excess garbage and yard refuse that was once acceptable in the dumpsters?  One resident filled two dumpsters with leaves that came from other properties.  They have no trees. 
The City of Brooks has not considered the convenience and needs of this community.  They have only look at what other cities have done and their own interests, which have failed and frustrated everyone.  Individual home owners may not be having difficulties, but what about the rest of the population like people with larger properties, tenants, or those who don’t own vehicles.
This was not planned very well.  In an attempt by the City to shirk their responsibility of the garbage issues, under the guise of efficiency, the City has “dumped” their responsibility onto the residents of Brooks and businesses by removing the convenience of large bins.
The City will not save money.  The residents of this city will be inconvenienced by the clutter and stench of roll-outs in their yards and alleys. 
This is not an improvement over the dumpsters.  The City didn’t maintained the dumpsters. 
They thought the roll-outs would solve their problem. It doesn’t appear so.
The big dumpsters worked well for us. People with big yards could fill the big dumpsters. 
Now what are they going to do with one little roll-out?  The grass, sitting for one day in those roll-outs heats up and will not empty properly. 
We expressed our concerns to the City. We were told to, “deal with it and as a landlord it is your responsibility, or get someone to do it.”   
The City should have listen to the people before they made the decision. They are spending our money. This is only going to get worse. 
We have learned of landlords who are going to plant gravel.  As for I, I will not be pushing my tenants to water and cut grass. 
Water bills are too high and there’s nowhere to put the grass.  What will that do to your beautiful city?
Jacqueline Hajash, Brooks

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