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Reader from Rimbey reacts to Prairie Post story on Bill C-36

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Re: the article in the February 19, 2014 edition of the Prairie Post titled ‚ “Wildrose MLA tells leaseholders Bill C-36 will be nothing but trouble”
I am a small scale rancher from Rimbey, Alberta (home of Mr. Joe Anglin).
Let’s not be fooled by opposition government rhetoric.
Was this speaking engagement really about sage grouse and grazing leaseholders or just an opportunity for Mr. Anglin to continue his attack against the Redford Government?
Note: the Land Stewardship Act is Bill 36 not Bill C 36 as the “C-36‚ is designated for Federal bills.
Re: Bill 36:  What was the point of instilling the words ‚ “No compensation‚ into the minds of the people and then turning around and saying a person has the right to apply for compensation?  Sounds to me like no more than fear mongering.
Mr. Anglin stated ‚ “He has heard numbers such as 30-35 per cent of land in Cypress County and 10-15 per cent of land in Forty Mile County could be designated as land targeted for conservation.”  He makes no reference to where or from whom he garnered that information.  For all any of us know maybe it was an imaginary friend.  How can we, the people of Alberta, put any value to such a hearsay statement?
Mr. Anglin states “A Wildrose government would eliminate the Bill,” If Joe would come up with some comprehensive document by the Wildrose that would stand up in court, he may have a chance of some people believing him. Short of that his promise is just blowing smoke.
Let"s not forget that Mr. Anglin stated in the Legislature to all Albertans November 6, 2012 that he doesn’t trust anyone. Why should we trust him?
I question the leadership of the Alison Redford Government, but to support the Wildrose could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.
Aubrey Finnen, Rimbey

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