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Communities of Neville and Aneroid out of gasoline

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Last night it was Halloween and the Pioneer Co-operative Association played a mean and dirty trick on the communities of Neville and Aneroid.

They closed the key lock facilities on Oct. 31 so we can no longer purchase fuel in our communities.

We were notified on July 26 this would happen, but since a co-operative is “member-owned and controlled” we were confident our opinions would help change the minds of the Pioneer Co-op Board of Directors.

Meetings were held, phone calls were made and letters were written all to no avail.

There was a possibility of the sale of these key lock facilities, but the Pioneer Co-op was “not interested” in selling to their competitors even if the sale was to another independent co-op.

The anger and frustration in our communities is huge. The Pioneer Co-op has taken years of loyal membership and patronage and thrown it all away. My family has supported the Co-op for three generations, but never again.

The co-op movement was begun in the Neville community 75 years ago to benefit everyone through shared purchases and working together.

The bottom line was people. The Pioneer Co-op has forgotten the founding philosophy our ancestors had in mind when they established the co-op movement in this area of Saskatchewan.

You cannot have a profitable bottom line in a business unless you have loyal customers. Once the loyalty of your customers is gone, you have lost everything.

Marvin Allan, Neville

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