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Emergency evacuation plans should be public

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Presently, my husband and I live on a block of 5th Ave N.E., north of Railway Street, Swift Current.
As there is always rail traffic in our area of the City, involving the hauling of anhydrous ammonia cars, oil cars, plus many more dangerous goods that we are unaware of coming through the main drag in the City, and in view of the many recent rail accidents in Quebec and other provinces and countries, any unforeseen accidents or inclement weather could happen anytime, coming upon us all suddenly, it would be nice to know beforehand, where each area is to evacuate to in the City of Swift Current. City officials undoubtedly have their plans made, however, we the public are unaware as to where we should evacuate.
Electricity, phone service and other means of communication could be cut off ‘on the spur of the moment’, thus there would be no means of notification to residents as to where and what they should do in a case of emergency.
I would suggest the Emergency Measures Organization in conjunction with the City of Swift Current send out notices to the general public advising where their areas are to evacuate in the city. These notices could be mailed in the same envelope the City mails the electrical bills to each household. Now that would be something of value to each household to receive. Act now, before you are caught, and we the public are caught unawares in emergent circumstances.
Also, I request the City of Swift Current consult its old bylaws, regarding the speed and length of trains allowed to travel through the City of Swift Current.
As I notice the train length is three times the length of the trains that were allowed through the City, complete with at least three engines pulling (or pushing the train). This may help the CPR and CNR to get their products arriving on time however it does nothing to elevate the rail traffic bars across our present rail crossing, this resulting in unnecessary hold up of traffic on both sides of the track at the rail crossing on Number 4 Highway.
This is the main crossing on Number 4 Highway for the public from the south side or south bound traffic trying to get to the regional hospital for treatment in the City of Swift Current which is now foolishly located northeast of the city.
This problem too should be attended to as soon as possible as it involves the ambulance service and RCMP, response times and also the response times of the fire department.
Patricia Covey-Laverdiere, Swift Current

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