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Wednesday, 15 January 2014 15:13

Nepotism delivered by Canada Post

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The recent announcement eliminating door-to-door delivery for urban residents and the massive postal rate increases by Canada Post President and CEO Deepak Chopra repeatedly pointed out it was a Conference Board of Canada recommendation (a private research organization of which Chopra is a member).
Chopra claims 66 per cent of Canadians currently get mail at community mailboxes, when in reality only 25 per cent do, while 33 per cent get door-to-door, 25 per cent by apartment lobby mail boxes, 12 per cent general delivery and five per cent at rural mail boxes (2012 Canada Post report).
At a special emergency meeting of the Transport Committee, when questioned by MPs as to how the elderly will be especially hard hit by the loss of home delivery, Chopra had the audacity to state seniors have told the Corporation they want more exercise and fresh air offered by community mailboxes.
Chopra was placed as CEO of Canada Post by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and draws a salary of between $440,900 and $518,600 with a ‘guesstimated’ bonus of 33 per cent. Apart from Chopra there are 22 presidents and vice-presidents, each with their mouths wide open waiting for bloated handouts.
This small group of top management account for $10 million in salaries alone — not to mention their perks and bonuses. Many of the 22, along with Chopra were placed by Harper as a favour to his Conservative buddies who failed to get into their ridings. 
Nepotism is alive and flourishing under the Harper government.
Joyce Neufeld, Waldeck, Sask.

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