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Wednesday, 18 December 2013 14:48

Potash losses mean nothing to Brad Wall

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Premier Brad Wall has his dander up. He is not pleased there will be job losses at Potash Corp. I agree with the Premier on that point, every worker needs a decent paycheque.
But the Premier is contradicting himself. Is it true Mr. Premier your government has announced the plan for privatizing health care laundry services in Saskatchewan? Why would we allow bunch of dedicated public service employees (in this case mostly women) to be booted out the door and Saskatchewan taxpayer dollars to be shipped to Alberta?
Premier Wall and his government seem to want to go to war with some of the workers in our province, while publically supporting others.
Come clean Mr. Premier, tell the people exactly what is your plan for the public service in Saskatchewan.
Henry Neufeld, Waldeck, Sask.

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