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Wednesday, 06 November 2013 09:45

MP takes offence to Liberal critiques

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On Oct. 18, the Prairie Post published a letter to the editor from Jim Karygiannis, Liberal MP and Veteran Affairs Critic. 
In response to his “Imagine you are…” letter, I took the liberty of penning the following:
Imagine you are a Liberal MP who has been given the responsibility of Veterans Affairs Critic. You doggedly follow the government’s every move, watching for something to criticize, but it doesn’t take long to find out that your assignment is going to be difficult. The Conservative Government has been delivering results that matter for Veterans:
• Injured veterans are now eligible for support that provides them with a guaranteed annual income of at least $40,000 a year, for as long as they are not able to work, until age 65.
• Low-income veterans over 65, or veterans on a disability benefit, are eligible for the Veterans Independence Program (this program pays for lawn maintenance, housekeeping, personal care and other support measures).
• Bureaucratic red tape has been reduced to help veterans get the money and the benefits they’ve earned.
• Direct-deposit has been introduced so veterans can get their benefits faster, and reduced the turnaround time for decisions on benefit applications
• Online tools now exist to give veterans the flexibility and security of doing business with Veterans Affairs Canada 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
• Canada now has one of the most comprehensive funeral and burial programs in the world.
• And, the Conservative Government is more than doubling the funeral reimbursement rate from $3,600 to more than $7,300.
It takes no imagination at all to realize the Conservative government is putting far more time and energy into helping veterans than the Liberal Party ever did.
While our Government’s support for our military and veterans has been unparalleled and delivers results, Mr. Karygiannis may recall it was his party which was willing to risk the lives of Canadian soldiers by sending them to fight in Afghanistan wearing green uniforms.
David Anderson, MP, Cypress Hills-Grasslands

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