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Wednesday, 30 October 2013 15:08

Coal will take its toll in Sask.

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Boundary Dam has six units producing 824 megawatts of electricity.

It is the seventh worst carbon emitting coal fired power plant in Canada. It is only 0.3 per cent from being the fifth worst carbon emitter. Boundary Dam is responsible for 53 per cent of Saskatchewan’s coal-fired electricity emitting 6,899,820 tonnes of CO2 yearly. Unit 3 being converted to a Carbon Capture system produces 115 to 120 megawatts of electricity. Thirty per cent of the electricity generated will be required for the Carbon Capture system with a net loss to the grid of 35 megawatts.
The cost of the project was estimated to be $1.4 billion — $1 billion to retool the plant and $400 million for the pipeline construction. At this point, the project is $115 million over budget.
Sask Power’s share was originally $758 million. The project will capture one million tonnes of CO2 a year. This amounts to less than one tonne per capita or for each citizen of the province less than one per cent of their carbon foot print.
What if the $758 million in provincial funding had been put towards wind power? Wind power costs between $1 million and $2 million per megawatt depending on what research you believe. Therefore you could get 379 to 505 megawatts of electricity of clean energy. It would not take seven years and counting to complete such a project.
Cam Broten who sat in the Calvert government that initiated this project and now Brad Wall  support this project.
This project is an embarrassment at best certainly nothing to brag about.
William Gibbs, Swift Current

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