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Wednesday, 09 October 2013 14:51

Financial flim-flamming

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So after 40-plus years of being in power the Alberta Conservatives still cannot count.

The PCs are now going to punish retirees who have paid into their pension fund for years because Finance Minister Doug Horner and his predecessors cannot count. Horner and his previous ilk were supposed to be watching the numbers and yet here we now have another four pension funds unfunded to a total of $7 billion after the PCs had already negotiated with the teachers to fund their provincially tolerated $6 billion shortfall.
 Now we have a Calgary think tank economist who enjoys close ties with the Alberta PCs extolling the virtues of a provincial sales tax ... oh sorry, a harmonized sales tax, as if that will reduce the pain. This will reduce personal Alberta income taxes.
When was the last time a provincial government in financial distress reduced taxes, even if their finance minister could count?
The flood disaster is costing the province $6 billion and counting.
I couldn’t wait for Horner’s Oct. 5 public budget planning forum in Edmonton. It had been some time since I have seen an accomplished flim-flam man in action.
Ian Parkinson, Medicine Hat

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