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Wednesday, 25 September 2013 13:29

Swift Current long-term care facility not needed

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As reported in Swift Current and area newspapers a few weeks ago, a plan has been laid out about what the new Swift Current long-term care facility will look like.

It is reported the Premier and Health Minister were on hand to witness and comment on the plan.
Why does Swift Current need a new care home? Swift Current already has three care homes that can provide good service for many, many years. The buildings are rock solid — at least that is what the inspectors say about the buildings Swift Current already has.
According to Cypress Health CEO Beth Vachon, this 225-bed facility will try something new. The residents will be housed in 22 individual houses (10 per house). A prominent feature of these houses is a centrally-located island style kitchen area. Could it be they are planning to employ several dozen cooks? I expect the main facility itself will require a kitchen and staff to feed the caregivers.
Swift Current has always had the know how to build whatever is needed in Swift Current.  So, why do we need outside P3 international Corporations to build and suck up the profits for 30-40 years? After that, the facility will be turned over to the people in Swift Current, just when the facility will need refurbishing
Whose idea was it to bring these P3 corporations to Swift Current in the first place?
Henry Neufeld, Waldeck, Sask.

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