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Wednesday, 21 August 2013 15:58

Federal Conservative motions not justified or right

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The motion MP Ed Komarnicki will be raising at the 2013 Conservative Convention in Calgary stinks to high heaven. 
Souris-Moose Mountain wants a new section devoted to “faith-based organizations,” which would initially consist of a statement supporting the right of such groups “to refuse the use of their facilities to individuals or groups holding views which are contrary to the beliefs or standards of the faith-based organization without fear of sanctions or harassment,” and further, to exclude “discrimination based on the beliefs of a faith based organization ... from the definition of disallowed discrimination under Human Rights.”
Past actions of MP Dave Anderson demonstrate that it would seem he seem wants civil servants to have the right to opt out of performing gay marriages on religious grounds) he would support such a motion.
It would allow, for example, a business owner to claim his restaurant or hotel as a “faith-based organization” and not serve members of the LGBT community.
It is another attack on this community and the Charter.
Their views are in step with the homophobic Valdimir Putin in Russia where the human rights of the LGBT  community are being eroded and they face violence on a daily basis in the streets.
William Gibbs, Swift Current

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