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Wednesday, 24 July 2013 13:49

Provincial gov’t not listening to pasture patrons

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I am one of the many PFRA pasture patrons who the provincial government will not listen to and appears not to care.
The provincial government has been getting misleading advise from sectors of the Agriculture Industry that do not have the best interest at heart for the majority of PFRA pasture patrons.
Since the provincial government has stated it wants the present pasture patrons to graze cattle on PFRA lands the government should be consulting patrons as to the most satisfactory way for this to be accomplished.  This has been neglected. 
Why does the provincial government not care what happens to the future of the PFRA pastures and the future of many of our upcoming young stockmen who in the past have had the opportunity of getting started in the livestock industry through the PFRA pasture program?
At a meeting of pasture patrons in Saskatoon on January 23rd where patrons from 56 of the 62 pastures were in attendance, the Minister of Agriculture stated he would listen to pasture patrons. 
This has not happened.  The majority of patrons would like the option of a delay on the first ten pastures so that due diligence can be done on setting out a sustainable program for patrons, pasture managers as well as conservationists, first nations, and those interested in conserving our heritage and grassland viability. A pasture system similar to the one already in place should be the ultimate goal and can be accomplished.
The present pasture program has taken decades to develop and become a showcase to the world, we need not hastily dismantle it in mere months with no sustainable goal for pasture patrons, the livestock industry and interested parties. The provincial government needs to listen to the majority of pasture patrons who have a direct vested interest in the PFRA pasture program  -  we are still a democracy.
Contemplate  the consequences when you enjoy the beer made from our barley as your T bone steak sizzles on your barbeque this summer.  
The pasture patrons and livestock industry are at steak/stake!
Bryce Burnett, pasture patron, Swift Current

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