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Wednesday, 08 May 2013 16:23

Library has discriminatory section

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MP David Anderson it seems has become the poster boy for religious freedom in the last while.
I for one am very skeptical.
But I have a test to see if he really is deserving of  these accolades. 
The Swift Current Chinook Library has in its first set of shelves as you enter the library a section called Christian literature.
This is unacceptable and discriminatory and caters to one particular Christian sect. 
A section on religion would be acceptable featuring books that could give those interested an understanding of all  faiths. It should even include books that challenge the relevance of religion.
Will Mr. Anderson  approach the library
and tell them that what they are doing is unacceptable and discriminatory. 
Personally believing that Mr. Anderson likes to associate with the likes of Maurice Vellacott and  religious author Timothy Bloedow, I  believe he will make no effort to change this situation.
William Gibbs, Swift Current

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