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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 13:26

Writer’s global views are questionable

Written by  Editor:
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While I have often been offended by the opinions expressed by your contributor Dale Ferrel, this time he has gone too far in his ignorant and biased assessment of global affairs.

Ferrel talks about places he’d rather not be; places that would undoubtedly rather not have him. He completely ignores the fact the “pestilent way of life” he attributes to people in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan just might have something to do with the legacy of bloody and exploitive colonialism and the current meddling and destruction by our southern neighbour. Elected rulers have often been deposed and tyrants such as the Shah imposed on countries such as Iran. These leaders shamelessly exploited their people to serve foreign interests.
The “living hell” of North Korea was also a “western” creation and the U.S., once again, has a meddling hand in the current situation.
As far as his uneducated assessment of the “unskilled left-wing dictatorships,” he is again far off the mark. For a start, many an elected government (Allend’s in Chile, Arbenz in Guatemala, etc.) has been overthrown and dictators installed, often with the collusion of the CIA. Latin American countries too suffered from centuries of colonialist exploitation.
When roads were/are built they do not serve the needs of the people, instead leading straight to the ports to extract the rich mineral and agricultural wealth of these countries.
Most had highly advanced societies long before the Spanish invasion and decimation began.
His far-fetched accusations that Chavez and the Castro brothers have been “stashing billions of bucks” is an utter lie. Neither are known for this and do not lead extravagant lifestyles.
I hold a degree in Latin American studies and follow events in this region of the world closely and so judge myself to have a far better knowledge of these matters than the likes of Mr. Ferrel.
I think it is high time he is muzzled or put out to pasture, or, better yet, pensioned off to the U.S. of A where his opinions will probably fit right in.
Charlotte WIlson, Leader, Sask.

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