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Wednesday, 27 February 2013 09:45

Grocery shopping with the Sask. Premier

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The Premier, who chooses not to  participate in  local all candidates debates during elections, was behind me at the grocery check out at Safeway's on Friday February 15th.


So I took the opportunity to ask when he was going to aggressively tackle the environmental issues of our province.  
The Premier was cordial and accommodating. He believes he is doing just that pointing out his $1.4 billion carbon capture project and by doubling our wind energy. 
I pointed out that the 1 million tonnes of carbon captured represents a mere 1.5% of each Saskatchewan citizen’s carbon foot print based on our  population.
Because of the circumstances I didn’t have the chance to point out we are talking  about ONE coal fired electrical unit of 9 in the province with a bill of $1.4 billion and a loss of 1/3 of its power to the carbon capture process. I didn’t have a chance to talk about our wind power rated seventh in the country. Context is everything.  
I would like to thank Mr. Wall for engaging in a very brief exchange of thoughts. I hope that the Premier, our MP and Mayor  implement a “reusable bag policy”  at our stores in Swift Current as a small gesture to get the environmental ball rolling. 
William Gibbs, Swift Current   

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