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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 13:51

Wall’s record on crwon corporations less than stellar

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Murray Mandryk’s 700 word rebuke of Brad Wall's crown privatization record leaves much to be desired (Regina Leader Post, Feb. 13).


Let’s get Wall’s record straight:
2009, Direct West Canada – sold ($31,732.28); Heritage Gas – sold ($109.8 million 75%); SaskTel Operator Services contracted out; Rural Internet Stop-Sell in 15 communities.
2010 Stripped Crown of 100% of annual dividends (394.8 million) forcing a debt of 317 million onto the Crowns; Northland Power - Power Purchase Agreement (PPA); SCN sold ($350,000.00; signed New West Partnership Trade Agreement; SGI General License Plates contracted out: 20% of SaskPower offices closed; AgDealer sold; SGI Canada shares in Charlie Cook Insurance, Western Financial Group, AAA and MFAC sold.
2011 Hospitality Network (Made 3million profit 2009) sold ($36.6million); Saskatoon Square sold ($50 million; Algonquin Power PPA; Gas Sur sold; Igasamex sold (40.1%); SaskTel’s SAP contracted out; SaskTel, SaskPower, and SaskEnergy line locations contracted out.
2012 Television and Internet installations contracted out; Wireless Broadband Internet contracted out; Rural Internet and Telephone Infrastructure contracted out (Chinese-based Huawei) All but 5 SaskPower walk-in locations closed to the public. 120 million siphoned from SaskPower forces a 4.9% increase in residential rates.
And of course 2013 - 3 private liquor stores approved plus 60% of ISC Privatized.
Prior to the 2007 election, Wall said “the Saskatchewan Party will not be privatizing Crowns or their subsidiaries – not in whole or part”. Was he lying or hiding his true colors.
Joyce Neufeld, Waldeck, Sask.

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