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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 08:31

'Horrible' display from visiting Broncos fan in Medicine Hat

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To the unruly and disrespectful Swift Current fan that came to the Dec. 29 WHL game in Medicine Hat.

You sat in Section 22, Row 1, Seat 1 and you were extremely obnoxious as you put on a horrible display of sportsmanship in front of several children who sat in your area. Your constant use of the “F” bomb in front of a two-, four- and 10-year-old was deplorable. I certainly hope most Swift Current fans are not like you.
I don’t know if your abrasive personality came from all the beers you were pounding back, but your behaviour was totally uncalled for. You are a guest in our rink and we expect better behaviour in our building. I sat through two periods of your unruly behaviour before I finally said something and then you started a personal attack on me. I am a season ticket holder with the Tigers and my son and I come to many games, but we have never had such a poor experience at Tigers game. You totally wrecked a nice evening out for my son and I with your negative display. The parent with the two-year-old actually moved to get away from your potty mouth. When I finally mentioned to you that I was going to get security to deal with you, you stepped up your attack on me even more.
The sad part of this incident is our team won 4 to 1, but you left us feeling like we lost....
This was not friendly bantering that normally occurs when opposition fans come to watch their team in our building, you were outright disrespectful to the Medicine Hat fans who sat around you. Many times we have travelled to Lethbridge to watch the Tigers play and we are always respectful in their building and to their fans. You need to learn to show that common courtesy in other arenas. You have to grow up and learn some manners, as my 10-year-old has more manners and decency than you.
You are not welcome back in “our” building. So when February rolls around and your team is back in Medicine Hat to play, I have but one request. Please stay back in Swift Current.
Randy and Aiden Huisman, Bow Island

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