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Wednesday, 19 December 2012 16:36

Southwest Sask. communities need to work together moving forward

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Communication is key when it comes to making things better for our communities and ourselves in southwest Saskatchewan.

There has been a real disconnect between our town’s and R.M.’s administrations about events happening in and around our communities.
I believe we need to be able to find common ground and common sense when working together to make the southwest stronger.
We need to present ourselves to the province and the rest of Canada in a way that shows the southwest is a strong, forward-thinking group.
The constant jockeying for position to secure the best weekend for events during the year is causing unneeded stress on all of our town’s administrators, councils, and on ourselves, as citizens, as ultimately we have to decide which event and community we are attending and spending our money.
I know of one such case where one town actually phoned another and asked them if they would change the date of their community event. Unreasonable and unacceptable.
I have proposed a meeting of the minds, from Maple Creek to Val Marie and Consul to Ponteix. I believe a quarterly conference call meeting of administrators and mayors once every three months to let each other know about events or planning of events in their communities is sorely needed.
I have emailed all of the town offices, mayors, and R.M.s to take the lead on this idea and start communicating with each other on a regular basis to make the southwest stronger by working together. Let’s see what happens.
Thank you for your consideration of my suggestion.
Joel Sopp, concerned citizen of southwest Saskatchewan

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