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Thursday, 06 December 2012 09:19

Attack ads pretty immature

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If you look closely at Brad Wall’s latest attack ad you can see something very childish in the way it is constructed. In fact all attack ads have a poutish childish element to them.


That is the case with his propaganda ad attacking Mulcair and  Saskatchewan NDP leadership candidates.
In 1998, the Canadian dollar traded at  $0.63. In 2007, it traded at $0.98. It got as high as $1.06. Today, it is around $1. In 1998, West Texas Crude oil traded at $16.74. Today it trading between $80 - $90 dollars. Conclusion:  The price of oil converted the Canadian Dollar into a petrocurrency.
It rises and drops in value as oil prices fluctuate.
During that  time the manufacturing share of the GDP has dropped  from around 17% to 12%. As well  the share of Canadian manufacturing jobs fell by 16%. Conclusion: A high dollar has a negative impact on manufacturing industry. 
Is the tars sands the only problem? Absolutely not. Another important factor is the weakness of the US Currency. Studies carried out by Michel Beine,  Charles Bos and Serge Coulombe determined that 54% of the loss of manufacturing employment  was due to the Dutch disease phenomena.

The remaining 46% was due to the weakness of the USA currency. This has been concurred by other reputable  economists. It is a Canadian economic enigma. So stop insulting our intelligence Mr. Wall.  
William Gibbs, Swift Current

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