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Thursday, 06 December 2012 08:50

Alberta politics heading down wrong path

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The current Alberta government, with Premier Redford leading the way, is taking Alberta further and further away from it\'s traditional grass-roots values with their course of action since coming into power in April. 

With too many scandals to mention, rescinding promises made prior to the election and 'closing the books to the public' on illegal political donations, Premier Redford is promoting a government that is not acting in the best interest of the Albertans and she is creating a government that is not accountable for it\'s actions.
The values that I believe Alberta were founded on were honesty, decency and accountability.  These are values that I believe in and that I believe are critical to maintaining a free and functioning society.  They are the values that are expected in the workplace, the schools, society-in-general and most importantly, in our homes.  Surely, these values must be maintained and upheld by our government.
I think it would be wise that if this course of action by our government is not what we agree with, that we raise our voices and let Premier Redford know that these are not true Albertan values.  By remaining silent, we are also sending a message.
Niki Wright, Magrath

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