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Wednesday, 17 October 2012 11:15

McGuinty methods were questionable

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It's been mentioned that once Premier McGuinty lost the support of public servants, teachers, police officers, doctors, administrators and his party's credibility within rural and small-town Ontario his position was doomed. 

But Mr. McGuinty is also known for supporting and administering a viscious, civil rights infringing law; Ontario's Civil Remedies Act. (5)
According to the Supreme Court of  Canada it is all right for federal and provincial governments to use similar Acts to confiscate a citizen's property on mere suspicion that the property could be the proceeds of a crime. In Chatterjee v. Ontario, Mr. McGuinty's Ont. government,  joined by interveners such as Sask., sucessfully appealed this legal case to our highest court.(1)  
The court declared that our governments may confiscate and keep our property without the necessity of proving that a crime had been committed by the property owner.  In fact, there is no need to prove that the property owner ever committed a crime. The only requirement for the disposession of your property is for police suspicion, not proof, that you attained your property through crimal activity. The citizen's only defense is to hope and trust that the state restrains itself and its suspicions during the application of this law's unfettered right to take their property. 
The equivalent law in Sask. (The Seizure of Criminal Property Act, 2009)  completely ignores and infringes upon our right to own property; one of our oldest, most fundamental, and powerful rights in British-Canadian legal history.(2)  The protection of our privately held property against deprivation by the state can be traced to the Magna Carta (1215);  the
English Bill of Rights (1689); John Locke's Second Treatise (1690); Sir
William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-1769) and the
Canadian Bill of Rights (1960).  Unfortunately Mr. Trudeau's Charter of
Rights and Freedoms completely omitted our individual right to own property,
and fails to protect citizens against a state which is intent upon taking
away one's property.(3)  Our Sask Party govt. must correct our civil rights
deficit, on a provincial basis, by implementing their policy  JS10-1 which
declares: "a Saskatchewan Party Government shall amend the current
Saskatchewan  Human Rights Code to enshrine the individual's Right to own
Joe Gingrich, Nipawin, Sask

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