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Thursday, 11 October 2012 09:03

Handling of beef recall a lot of bull

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To Concerned Consumers, in Alberta the cattle producers pride themselves on raising high quality beef.

In order to produce the quality and quantity of beef that Alberta provides to the consumer, pedigreed bulls play a significant role in future beef cattle production. There are many breeds of bull here in Alberta, not only are there pedigreed beef and dairy bulls, but entitled political bulls as well.
Alberta farmers and ranchers have raised in great quantity, high quality beef over the years and now a new type of beef is being raised by concerned voters and taxpayers, the entitlement beef. Where is the tainted bull recall that caused the entitlement beef to be raised in the first place?
Because of the recent tainted beef recall consumers are being offered money back guarantees across the continent. Consumers are being asked to throw out any beef in question and bring in a receipt, product label or empty packaging to the store where the beef was initially purchased for full refunds.
That is what this writer would call true and genuine customer service.
Now that brings us to the point about what kind of customer service are we receiving from this current Alberta government? There have been receipts produced by our current Premier from March 2008 and yet no offer of a full refund to us taxpayers has been offered.
There is a full scale tainted beef recall across north America and yet there is no mechanism in place to recall the tainted entitlement bull from this current government. In the last Alberta election on Monday, April 23, 2012, we had the opportunity to vote a government in that would have put in place a mechanism or Recall Legislation that would have given us a full money back guarantee on any tainted bull the government of the day would feed us. But alas due to fear of the unknown voters decided to keep with the known tainted bull of the day and now we have a little over three more years of entitlement bull to put up with by this majority government currently in place.
In the next Alberta election will the same fear take hold or will common sense prevail and a government that has a money back guarantee or recall mechanism in place be voted in?
Recall mechanisms are in place for a reason and that is to protect the health of consumers. What about the health of us taxpayers, isn’t that an important point to think about as well?
From a concerned entitlement beef-raising taxpayer and avid voter.
Rob Bernshaw, Edmonton, Alta.

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