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Thursday, 20 September 2012 13:22

Heavy construction Assoc. needs motorists to slow down

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The Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association is asking the public to slow down when travelling through a construction work zone. Our members continue to invest heavily in safety training, support, equipment and programs to keep their employees safe, but we need the travelling public to do their part too.

Transportation professionals working within the Orange Zone deserve your respect and attention. The Orange Zone is their workplace and they have a right to the same protection as professionals in any office or other workplace in the province.
Major investments have been made in building and repairing our highway and transportation system. Road construction work zones are not there to inconvenience you, but are necessary to improve the roads for everyone.
Every year we work to educate motorists about the importance of paying attention and obeying the signs in the Orange Zone.  The public is reminded of several points when travelling through a work zone:
• Be Alert: Expect anything to occur when entering a work zone.
• Don’t speed: Note the posted speed limits in and around the work zones.
• Don’t tailgate: Unexpected stops frequently occur in work zones.
• Don’t change lanes in the work zone: The time saved just isn’t worth the chance.
• Minimize distractions: Avoid changing the radio station and using your cell phone when driving in a work zone.
• Expect the unexpected: Keep an eye out for workers and their equipment.
• Safety for our employees means going home at the end of the day to family and loved ones.
Shantel Lipp, President, Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association

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