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Thursday, 16 August 2012 09:29

Federal Electoral boundary proposals would cause trouble

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The Saskatchewan Federal Electoral Boundary Commission has released a new draft proposal of the 14 electoral districts.

Saskatchewan’s past and present federal electoral districts represent this province with strength in balanced leadership. The strong rural and urban blend in all 14 electoral districts leads an equal Saskatchewan voice in Canada’s Parliament.
This balanced representation is a trademark since 1905 taking into consideration various factors, population numbers, communities of identity, historical pattern, and geography factors. The cities of Regina and Saskatoon are each represented by four federal electoral districts blended with strong rural areas.
The other six districts have smaller urban centres but also a strong rural blend. The Saskatchewan rural and urban partnership representation gives this province a balanced leadership business model for Canada The current Saskatchewan electoral model must be retained for future Parliamentary work as it is the best all round working example for this province.
All districts will need small minor boundary changes to adjust for population shift from the past 10 years but retain the strong Rural and Urban Blend Concept. The new proposed electoral map changes Saskatchewan’s rural and urban partnership.
The cities of Saskatoon and Regina each will lose one electoral district. The communities of identity, historical patterns, and geography factors are not taken in consideration in the new boundary changes. Saskatchewan would lose the rural and urban blend concept in the five all-urban planned districts.
The proposed Saskatchewan boundary changes present a very dramatic geographic shift for the voters of this province. I believe such dramatic changes contribute to the dissociative attitudes of the voting public.
Concerns rest with constituents whom will feel disenfranchised with the proposed boundary changes. Thank you.
Orville Bilous, North Battleford, Sask.

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