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Wednesday, 07 March 2012 14:55

Meeting for Oyen parents regarding WiFi on school buses

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It has recently been announced by Alberta Education that the Prairie Rose School Division will sponsor an "Internet on School Bus" project. This project will be completely funded by Alberta Education of the remainder of this year and through to the end of April, 2013. 

The project hopes to address the issue of long bus rides, in particular those of an hour or longer.  Alberta Education is looking to make available options for these students in PRSD and other rural school divisions throughout Alberta.  The project will be implemented in stages.  The first stage set to begin April 1st will target students from South Central.

All busses that carry SCHS students will be equipped with wireless access points.  Students will also have access to netbooks as provided by the project.  Students could also bring their own devices such as ipads, tablets, personal laptops, mobile phone or any other device that allows them to access the internet through the wireless connection.  Through other technologies, students will also have access to their personal files from the school and a desktop that would allow them access to a variety of software options such as Microsoft Office, smartboard notebook, and Google Earth to mention a few.  The intent is not to expect students to complete or work on school projects, but to allow an opportunity to work on assigned school based work.  Students will also be able to access the internet for their own personal learning.  All internet accessibility will be filtered to the same level that you would find in the schools.

If you are a parent of  a student from New Brigden, OPS or Warren Peers that share a bus with SCHS students, then by default these students would also have internet access.  The project at present will not support these students with netbooks provided by the school division.  Students from these schools could, with their own devices, access the internet and their school files.  Students from New Brigden will be part of the study starting in September 2012.  At this time netbooks will be available to New Brigden students.

A meeting will be held this Monday, March 12th in the Annex room at South Central School next to the library at 7 p.m.  Parents from South Central School including interested parents from Warren Peers, New Brigden and Oyen Public are invited to this informational meeting.

Doug Nicholls
Superintenent of Schools
Prairie Rose School Division

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