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Moe needs to continue to battle climate change

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Re: MOE: Trudeau ignoring what provinces are actually doing to combat climate change” Prairie Post Aug. 24, 2018
Thank you for this chance to respond to the above Prairie Post (East Ed.) article.
I am proud and uplifted by what Saskatchewan, other provinces and territories are doing to help lower ghg emissions across Canada. Upfront The Pan Canadian  Framework also stated its recognition for all that is being done.
 However we cannot ignore the rising cost of climate change;  it only makes economic sense to limit this cost as efficiently as possible by using  all reasonable means at our disposal. Innovation is so important in all of this. The IPCC and the World Economic Forum have repeatedly recognized that carbon pricing is one very effective means of lowering CO2 by accelerating innovation. Another key benefit of carbon pricing across Canada and across the world is that it levels the playing field between trading partners. There is much talk now that jurisdictions without carbon pricing may be subjected to a border tax adjustment.
Our way of life is at stake. Long term cooperative planning is a must. I am relieved we have begun to make progress but much work remains. It makes so much sense to consider all means available, one of these certainly being the known driver of innovation. All industries in Saskatchewan and across the world will profit from that.
Carole Lavallee
Chelmsford Ontario

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