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Bill C-71 won’t solve problem of gun violence

Written by  By Barrie Orich
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As a responsible firearms owner, like the vast majority of other firearms owners in Canada, I believe in strong firearms laws. Some people in Canada like to cloud the issue on firearms safety by likening us to the U.S.

There is zero comparison to how Canada regulates firearms compared to the U.S. We have very tough and adequate laws here, unlike the U.S.
The new legislation proposed by the Liberal government, Bill C-71, has many egregious problems and is intended to distract the Canadian public from government’s failure to deal with gang violence. Statistics Canada reports that there were 223 firearms-related homicides in 2016: the bulk of these (141 of the 223) were gang related.
The other big problem this bill does not address is that two-thirds to 90 per cent of crime and gang-related firearms that are smuggled into this country. Criminals and gang members do not worry about having a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) that is required by legal firearms owners in Canada, administered by the RCMP.
No matter what the laws are, they will never be a factor when it comes to criminals and gangs. This bill does nothing to address the criminals, gangs and smuggled firearms. The government once again will spend tens of millions of your tax dollars creating a huge bureaucracy that will do nothing to solve the real problem but will create a new system that could make honest law-abiding citizens, criminals.
One of many e.g. To purchase a firearm or ammunition you need to have a valid PAL which is also photo ID; my understanding, with the changes, the retailer will have to phone now every time to check and make sure the PAL ID is still valid. Can you imagine the bureaucracy and waste of money to be able to handle literally tens of thousands of calls per day?
One big problem with the PAL Photo ID is, if for religious reasons, if you don’t want your picture taken, it is OK, you can get a PAL with no photo. Some ID that is.
Did you know that in the past five years, more people were murdered by knives (939) compare to firearms (862) and beatings (568)? How would you like to need a PAL in order to own a knife? One more example of government wasting taxpayers’ money with no results.
Barrie Orich

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