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Differences in opinion on Saudi Arabia, Syria

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In his column (Prairie Post June 8th) Dale Ferrel wrote, “Trump and  Harper got this one right, Iran is flooding the world market with oil and driving down prices for most of the others in the game.”  (It is) “Also using oil profits to fund and arm terrorist organizations worldwide.”  First of all, the real reason for the drop in oil prices was caused by the, “The Secret Stupid Saudi-US Deal on Syria.” 
Ferrel should just type that in Google and learn the truth. 
Saudi Arabia cut oil prices and all the other oil exporters had to follow or lose their sales.
The second sentence is grossly exaggerated when he says Iran is arming terrorist organizations world- wide. 
The truth is it was Ferrel’s hero Stephen Harper who was doing just that.
 A quick click here of, “Canada’s Harper Government Supports Covert Mercenary War on Syria”, and Ferrel will learn the inconvenient truth that Harper was on a mission to arm, train and infiltrate all the terrorist groups in Syria.
Bev Currie, Swift Current

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