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Why should residents pay for others’ drug use?

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What kind of a city are we living in where someone running a drug injection clubhouse, encouraged by a mayor, a police chief and most council members, and growing numbers of drug dealers/users arriving from every quarter of the country, unashamedly informs parents “to plan accordingly” for drug-related garbage when using any one of the cities 130 parks and natural areas!
I cannot describe my total and utter disgust. If one of those kids the May 18 Lethbridge Herald article, “Residents concerned about drug debris in parks,” speaks of throws a bubble gum wrapper out the car window, the mother gets a ticket for the misdemeanour. If a drug user throws his needles and debris around the park, street, alley, wherever, he gets an army cleaning up after him/her, the taxpayer is sent the bill and taxpayer-funded Stacey Bourque and her supporters instruct us that scattering more “safe-disposal boxes” around and dialing the Needle Debris Hotline to report drug offal is the safest, most cost-effective way to deal with the so-called “medical condition.”
We are one sick society supporting these crimes in public and damn well getting sicker every day. Register me as one totally unwilling and disgusted “resident” paying for all this – asking is there any end to immoralities, insanities et al invading this city, this province, and indeed, this entire country?
Alvin W. Shier, Lethbridge

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