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Learn more about power monopoly

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Alberta’s power is under threat.
We are on a fixed income ( seniors) our power bill has increased 30$ a month and we are not even in the heat of summer yet! It’s a scary matter for fixed income seniors
Large multinational corporations are aggressively eliminating local independent power providers. Shockingly, our Government’s regulatory regime has enabled these takeovers and stacked the deck against local Alberta-owned and operated power providers.
A Big Power Monopoly will make life less affordable for all Albertans.
When competition is eliminated choice goes down, rates go up, and local customer service is lost.
The market failures of monopolies are well established. This will impact every single Albertan family and business. It doesn't matter who your current power provider is.
Local independent power providers play an important role in forcing the large multinationals to be competitive. If we allow the competition to be wiped out, monthly power bill rate hikes are right around the corner. 
I'm tired of paying sky high distribution fees in my monthly power bill. And while electricity rates are capped, distribution fees are not. Dear Alberta Government, we know the difference!
I call on the Alberta Government to Stop The Power Monopoly and prevent energy distribution rate hikes.
I encourage my neighbours to learn more at and join me in taking action now before it's too late.

Muriel Erick, Medicine Hat

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