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Get to the bottom of the high gas prices

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Let's have a headline about our ridiculous gas prices. Every paper in Canada should have an article or editorial or something until somebody get it.
All the political parties seem to be liberally looking away.
Back in 2013-14 when oil hit $1.12-1.14 buck a barrel our price was only $1.29 /liter. We are at $1.24 and oil is only $71 bucks. If we use the same formula so to speak, gas should be 88-cent. Here is the way I look at it, 2014 oil $.1.12 bucks, gas $1.29-112=17. So add 17 to price of oil equals price of gas. Oil at $71 gas should be $.88.
Why does diesel price not follow gas prices cent for cent...does it not come out of the same hole.  Something is fishy somewhere.
Was there not a a government inquiry or something into bread price fixing some months ago? What was it 10 a loaf or something? Here we have about 36 cents a liter and no one lets out a peep.
Is there a paid gag order? I can see the Liberals keeping mum, they get the extra GST and boy if you stop to think of it it sure adds up but that opposition keeping stumps me.
Let's look at Havre Montana gas and diesel prices - $2.74 a US gappon (this was recently) which is about four liters which works out to 68 cents a liter; diesel $2.99 a gallon or 75 cent a liter. Oil at $71 bucks, gas 68 centrs...see the difference?
Media shouldn't call any so called experts, they know which side their bread is buttered. They would feed anyone a load of 'facts and figures til their heads would spin and throw in our low dollar and anything else remotely connected like a year or so when they claimed our gas prices would rise due to a problem at an Indiana refinery! Really? The most recent was we import gas from U.S.
Are we supposed to believe our refineries can't supply our needs. What company would not build more refineries or increase production to make more money? Do the expert thing that we can't think or reason? Our oil $71-gas $1.29. U.S. oil $71 bucks-gas 68 cents.
Does anyone out there think that US companies are making money selling gas? Had a news blip the other day about shortage of something, expect higher gas prices, guess who fed that to him. Another article in a paper by the Fraser Institute says basically we can move enough of our oil; we need more pipeline and as a result this year, the price difference between Canadian oil and U.S. oil is U.S. $26.30 a barrel which leads to a CAD $15.8 billion loss for Canada's energy sector - their words and figures, not mine'
Maybe it's even worse than my above "formula.
John Wiens, Swift Current

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