Thursday, 24 May 2018 06:47

Sask. MLAs get a raise while the little guy pays more with less

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While we in our great city are forced to pay more  due to the Saskparty fiscal mismanagement of our tax dollars there are those who will be making extra. 
I noticed recently our newly-elected Swift Current MLA having been his job for only a few months has already qualified for a raise.
Of course congratulations as a legislative secretary - when right now we are all facing hardships the Saskparty can afford to give more government money to him, and other MLAs.
This of course comes from a SaskParty government who cut education, government  jobs, wage freezes, and cut funding to municipal governments including our great city of Swift Current.
While we are forced to pay more with less, there will always be the SaskParty who will want to take more of your money to spend.
Shaynee Modien
Swift Current

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