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MP needs to explain foreign policy stance

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With regard to illegal immigration, (May 4 Prairie Post) MP David Anderson wrote, “My point is that a primary responsibility of any national government is to maintain the safety and security of its citizens.”  
The record will show that Mr. Anderson has never cared one bit about the safety and security of the citizens of the many countries that Canada and the U.S.have invaded. 
Has Mr. Anderson given even one brief moment of thought to how different this century would have been if we (And a couple of dozen other counties) had left Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria to live in peace?
Has he not noticed that it was the creation of these failed states that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of refugees and thousands of terrorists? There have been many thousands of civilian casualties as well. 
If I remember correctly, Mr. Anderson supported all to these foreign misadventures, regardless of which political party was in power. These are truly crimes against humanity and all the countries that were engaged in them should have to answer before the International Criminal Court.
Bev Currie, Swift Current

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