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SW Sask. MP needs to explain more

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David Anderson, Cypress Hills - Grasslands has responded to my letter.
However he has failed to provide a solution in his response as I asked to the border security. Mr. Anderson avoided responding to the clarification I provided about refugees not being a que jumpers as he accused them to be.
He also forget or avoided to mention that the US isn’t considered  one safe 3rd country for certain people from certain race or religion under the trump administration ( administration that suspended refugee programs from Muslim countries even if they were a minorities from that country) His email suggested that accepting refugees is risking the security of our citizens which again is a myth and it only serve the purpose of spreading fear around citizens from refugees.
I  sent info from CIC Canada‘s website and I also emailed it to Mr. Anderson but he didn’t response to it.
In my letter, I was only hoping to clarify the myth in the information that Mr. Anderson was mentioning.
Finally I would like thank Mr. Anderson for his response and I hope to work with him in the future to clarify some of the refugees issues so he can provide more informed answers when it comes to such issues.
Sammy Khalife, Saskatchewan

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