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Don’t confuse illegal immigration with refugees coming from crisis situations

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Re: Dear Mr. Khalife;
In response to your letter to the editor published April 27th  - we may disagree on some of these issues – my point is that a primary responsibility of any national government (and we are still a nation in spite of Mr. Trudeau’s comments to the contrary) is to maintain the safety and security of its citizens.
One of the ways that is done is by having a secure border. When you have that, you can then make responsible decisions about immigration.
Canada has always been a country that welcomes immigration and which welcomes refugees.
To suggest that illegal immigration coming across the United States, (which is a safe 3rd country) border, is the same as welcoming refugees from crisis situations only serves to confuse the issue.
It is critical that refugee slots be maintained for genuine refugees and not for those who want to abuse our generosity by illegally entering this country.
Once again, thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts.
David Anderson, MP
Cypress Hills-Grasslands

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