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Agric. critic has it wrong

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Ag minister critic John Barlow seems to think the Conservatives left the house in good order and the Liberals have dismantled it.
If the Conservative government left the house in good order, it would have left a good foundation which could not have been dismantled, and it would not have been voted out of power.
Ag critic John Barlow thinks the Liberal government is treating rural communities as afterthoughts; No matter who is in power rural communities are afterthoughts, as this drive for centralization of healthcare, education, growth, etc is causing rural communities to die out, and more people are being allowed to slip through the cracks.
John Barlow also cites “a strong US economy that was buying Canadian Products” as a house left in good order, somehow thinking the Liberals are responsible for the election of a protectionist government South of the border.
There is nothing wrong with being critical of government, as there is a lot to be critical of, but I am dismayed by the bubbles these MP's seem to be living in. Our elected officials are supposed to be leaders, not yes men good at reiterating numbers and manipulating people to get elected. All this focus on strong economies has left this country in shambles and people are hurting.
The world is burning and we sit here on our high horse trashing the planet, throwing parties at tax payer expense to celebrate 150 years of colonization, pushing trade on countries who do not want it and pretending to care by sending money to foreign countries instead of stopping the exploitation and abuse of resources that is decimating their ecosystems and way of life. Unfortunately, we have a revolving door in federal politics of Conservative – Liberal – Conservative – Liberal, both essentially doing the same thing, driving us blindly towards the edge of a cliff.
Maria Rose Lewans, Saskatchewan

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