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Thursday, 22 February 2018 06:39

There has been significant economic growth in Sask.

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We immigrated to Canada in 1996. With my background in computing and the oil and gas industry, settling in Calgary was an easy choice.  In the early 2000s, first as a Project Executive with IBM Global Services, and then as a Vice-president with Cameco Corporation, I had the opportunity to live in Regina and Saskatoon.
 I was able to observe first hand, the tangible economical differences between Alberta, run by a conservative government, and Sask., which was run by the NDP.
What jumped out to me then was the low number of independent small and medium businesses in Saskatchewan compared to Alberta. The few businesses that I came in contact with were either heavily dependent on provincial government organizations for their sustenance or highly regulated.
Taxes in Saskatchewan were significantly higher. We are a vast and resource-rich province, but businesses, which are the engines of any successful economy, did not want to come to Saskatchewan. We were slowly bleeding away our population to other provinces. Infrastructure improvement projects were few and far in-between. It was almost easier to meet a Saskatchewanian in Calgary than in Regina.
A few weeks ago upon retiring, Premier Brad Wall asked the Saskatchewan Party, "Have you left things better than you found them?" And let us be honest in our answer.
In the past 10 years under a Saskatchewan Party government, our population has increased by around 10% in Swift Current alone, after stagnating for decades; we have a number of new businesses now; we have more diversity; we pay some of the lowest income and business taxes in the country; our roads and highways are significantly improved; we have new schools and learning centres; we have new disabled and long-term care facilities; and we have a significantly larger number of child care spaces.
Today, I am a successful business owner in Swift Current and am proud to call Saskatchewan my home. In my opinion, the past is a very clear indicator of our future and the Saskatchewan Party has demonstrated its ability to bring tangible progress to the province.
Did they get everything right? Probably not, but they have definitely had way more improvements than missteps. Hence, we have an easy choice of whom to select in our upcoming election.
Everett Hindley, having been at Premier Wall's side, has had the advantage and privilege of assisting the Premier in successfully implementing his vision for Saskatchewan. I am happy to endorse and support Everett and strongly believe that he will be an excellent representative for the people of Swift Current.
Murali Krishnan, Swift Current
President, D3 Developers Inc.

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