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Thursday, 21 December 2017 06:14

Southeast Alta/SW Sask fire recollections wanted

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When the wild fire of Tuesday, October 17 began, many of us who were among the first on the scene knew that it had the makings of an out-of-control monster.
However, we had no idea of the scale of destruction that would ensue as we fought to control the fire's spread along it edges while trying, in vain, to plow fire guards in the path of its advance.
What began as a Cypress County emergency west of Hilda quickly grew to affect other communities, particularly the Saskatchewan municipalities centred in Burstall and Richmound.
Simultaneous fires at Tompkins, Sask, Empress/Acadia Valley and other locations in Alberta have added to the grim remembrance of that day.
Because this was a local disaster of unprecedented magnitude, it would be good to document it as much as possible from people's memories of their experiences on that day and the days which followed.
Every person who was directly or indirectly involved in fighting the fire or fleeing from its path has a unique personal story to tell and is hereby invited to email their recollections to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please include as much detail as you can recall in terms of time and location of your experiences. If you have pictures and/or videos on your phone or camera, please email them to the above address. Thank you.
The compilation of these written and photographic accounts will make a valuable record to share with this present generation and those to come.
Cyril Anderst, Hilda

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