Thursday, 14 December 2017 06:54

Sask. gov’t needs to do better on climate strategy

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The “Made in Saskatchewan Climate Change Strategy” produced by the Province’s government describes the good people of the Saskatchewan as pragmatic, resourceful and innovative, and indeed, this has been my experience with most of the folks I’ve met.
Throughout their history they have faced complex, challenging problems, and have the “can do” attitude that can get things done. So why then would the government propose a half-hearted attempt at progress?
The Prairie Resilience climate strategy sells short the good will of our neighbors to the east.  Though the plan emphasizes the vital importance of addressing climate change, it has avoided an economy-wide approach, exempting the province’s oil and gas and electricity sectors.
Saskatchewan’s government needs to do better. The province is Canada’s largest emitter on a per-capita basis. We encourage our neighbors to detail a plan to cap overall emissions in line with Canada’s commitments under the Paris Agreement.
Dona Grace-Campbell, Kaslo, BC

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