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Beautiful moment celebrated with recent legislature visit by writer

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An unexpected visit to the Alberta Legislature provided a very moving moment for me and brought thoughts of my Grand Father Daniel Dunlop.
Alberta's beautiful Legislature Building was being guarded by WW1 Mounted Cavalry to mark the Battle of Passchendaele’s 100th Anniversary.
This Anniversary has profound significance to Canada and it is a milestone in my life. Nov. 10, 2017 is the 100th Anniversary of the death of Trooper Daniel Dunlop, stretcher bearer on the bloody and muddy fields of Passchendaele.
My grandfather Daniel Dunlop was the last of the three Dunlop Brothers from Frank, Alberta to perish in WW1, the war to end all wars.  There are no graves for the Dunlop boys. The Dunlop family’s loss was so great the tiny community of Frank was awarded three WW1 war trophies.
The cannon and two Vickers machine guns were placed in the front yard of Danny and Annie Dunlop, parents of James, John and Daniel.
The Memorial  sat on the Dunlop property some 30 years.
Then was moved and now sits a short distance from where the family home sat and has been refurbished by various levels of government.
My Father Daniel (WW2 veteran) was the only child born to the three boys.
This was very moving for me, to see the likeness of my Grand Father guarding this Grande Dame where I spent countless hours in a battle of my own. It appeared as though they were standing on guard for me.
My 15 year battle to secure equality for Alberta Farmworkers continues in the face of the threats from the upstart UCP and its leader Jason Kenney and I know I will need much help to vanquish this foe.
Passchendaele is a distant memory, but this Albertan caught the torch from their failing hands and taken up the quarrel with the foe.
Equality is for all Canadians even if they are farmworkers working in Alberta.
Darlene A Dunlop, Bow Island

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