Wednesday, 13 September 2017 15:10

MLA Fall 2017 Report wrong about Bill 6

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I recently received a copy of the government funded glossy brochure from Cypress-Medicine Hat MLA Drew Barnes. It was disappointing to see MLA Barnes use his 'Up-date From Drew - Fall 2017' to yet again drag out that tired old canard that the Alberta government failed to consult before passing Bill 6, the Enhanced Protection for Farm & Ranch Workers Act.
The Alberta government conducted nearly endless consultations for more than a decade prior to Bill 6 coming along.
Mr. Barnes may have been engaged elsewhere at the time, but now that he is paying attention perhaps he should consult with the various agricultural agencies, boards and commissions that the Alberta government has been engaged with all these years.
He would discover all these ag groups have been at the table for years consulting with the Alberta government.
I suggest Mr Barnes do a little consulting to ascertain the facts and then perhaps he could stop this misinformation campaign.
Just because you weren't paying attention or didn't like the out-come doesn't mean it didn't happen.
This Alberta government has picked up right where the previous government left off and is building on the work already done.
I would invite MLA Barnes and any others to call the Alberta Farmworker Service Centre if they wish to learn more. 1-844-557-3743.
Eric Musekamp, Bow Island, AB.

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