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Breastfeeding should be protected

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I recently witnessed a baby being completely calmed down by the simple act of breastfeeding.
I was on a plane soaring towards our cruising altitude of 28,000 feet and of course this was wreaking havoc on that small child's eardrums.
While the sucking released pressure on her ears, it also provided deep comfort. It gave me pause to consider just how lucky that child was to receive comfort, minerals, vitamins and even immunity from one simple natural source.
August 1st - 7th is world breastfeeding week and as our Minister of Foreign Affairs noted, empowering women and girls "is a matter of basic justice and also basic economics." 
Before we know it, those children who are lucky enough to receive an education, will return to the class room. Equality begins before birth and directly thereafter with the benefits of breastfeeding. Good nutrition ensures an ability to learn and Canada's international assistance contributes to a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive. Let's do our part to ensure that every child at home and overseas enjoys the advantage of a good start in life.

Connie Lebeau
Victoria, BC

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