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What is Canada 150 really celebrating?

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Canada 150, what are we celebrating?
Is celebrating the last 150 years reinforcing the education system that ignored the third nation, no, the First Nation in Canada’s history? These people lived here sustainably, respectfully, not only for 150 years, but for tens of thousands of years. Most Canadians are addicted to technology and capitalism, systems that have, in the short span of 150 years, abused the land, water, air and people. Canada is a sick nation because of our addiction to a spoiled ego. We love to pamper ourselves.
The first Canadians shared everything — their resources, their historical knowledge, their experience. Do we celebrate the abuse of their charity? Do we celebrate our dishonest behaviour in not living up to our part in treaty? Does celebrating 150 show commitment to becoming honest in educating our youth? Most old people are too stuck in colonial and economic fixation.
Are Canadians prepared to grow wiser, to protect the environment, to be truthful about our addiction to soft comforts, our unhealthy, but profitable lifestyle? I wonder.
I do not wish to point fingers. I struggle with change: eating more consciously, exercising, and changing my environmental footprint, joining many others. It can be scary, this business of self-consciousness, and not easy to challenge the grand overdevelopment of our ego. Most settlers came here to get away from the old social disorders: class structure, old financial systems, old-world hierarchies, dependence on military solutions to problem solving, worn-out legal systems, judges and senators not elected but appointed, religion carried into Canada without consideration for the locals. Take a deep breath, and ask yourself if we Canadians have treated our hosts as our professed Christianity teaches.
Do we celebrate with worn-out, ineffective tradition, or, do we get on with creating new systems of equality?
Don Ryane, Lethbridge

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