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Making the rug bigger

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Our Saskatchewan legislators seem bent on shutting down rural infrastructure to “save money.”
What they fail to consider is that they are changing nothing; they are just shifting the burden to the individual, providing no benefit to them in exchange for the added burdens.
There was a wise indigenous man of this country who once said, “Only the white man could be convinced that you can make a rug bigger by cutting 12 inches off the top, and sewing it onto the bottom...”
This of course referred to daylight saving time, but is applicable to much of what rural citizens are seeing today.
Communities such as Climax and Frontier have been fighting a protracted battle to retain health facilities in the face of relentless government attempts to withdraw service.
These communities are more than 100 miles from the nearest city, have no public transport, no STC, and only two ambulances to cover an area of well over 1,000 square miles.
At one time, not that long ago, this area qualified for the isolation allowance on income tax. That too has been withdrawn.
The result is that we have people who should not be driving due to their medical condition, and seniors who cannot drive relying upon neighbours to get them to medical and optical appointments.
The government seems bent upon embellishing the large communities with new billion dollar bypasses, and weed-free lakes, all the while withdrawing the necessary funds from infrastructure such as the Border Health Clinic, that operates on $340,000 per year.
Let’s see how many stitches are in the rug before they realize.
C.J. Beuhler, Frontier, Sask.

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