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CPC leadership race was boring and uninspiring

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The election of Andrew Scheer as Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and of the Official Opposition, the rather long leadership campaign and the complicated preferential ballot together describe this rather young national political party.
It is boring and uninspiring.
A leadership race should have experienced some excitement in the campaign, in the actual vote and in the victor. It is disappointing, but not surprising that some 100,000 members never bothered to vote and/or their ballots were rejected.
It appears the vote for Scheer is status quo. He will probably be a competent Leader of the Opposition for at least the next six years. He had the largest support of current CPC MPs, which undoubtedly influenced the outcome. These MPs lost the last election which the CPC should have won. They now appear to be quite comfortable in the role of opposition.
Apparently, Conservatives do not want to debate important national issues: supply management, the national welfare system of equalization, free trade in Canada, the end to corporate welfare, reforms to the tax system and to health care transfers and the role of the CBC. A vigorous debate in the party would generate a national debate. Canadians would become better aware of the alternative to the current government.
Equally important, the CPC makes again another tactical error that another Western Canadian can successfully lead a national party. In spite of the unfolding, questionable Liberal record, a Trudeau is and will continue to be “the darling of Central Canada.” All the best to Andrew Scheer, but his task is monumental and probably insurmountable.
Larry Samcoe, Medicine Hat

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