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WHL teams far behind the rest of the country

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The Western Hockey League WHL champions in the last two Memorial Cups have failed to win even one game at this national tournament. It is very disappointing and equally puzzling.
It may be coincidence, but it also could be telling us much about the level of play in the WHL. It appears that the teams in the Ontario and Quebec Hockey Leagues have moved on where the players are better coached on the skills of the game whereas the WHL is still playing the game of the past. Be tough and win, but skill development, well, not that important.
Ron Robison, the WHL commissioner, bemoaned a few years ago that Medicine Hat had no box seats. He should be more concerned about our league’s play of the game.
At the same time, refereeing could also be vastly improved. WHL teams were the best in the country at one time; does the current leadership have the know-how to regain this prominence?
Larry Samcoe
Medicine Hat

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